Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter how hard we try, it’s almost impossible to pack all the information into these web pages. Sometimes our customers or soon-to-be customers have additional questions. Thought we encourage you all to contact our Support Department any time you want, we have to ease their work a bit. Here’s a list of the most frequently asked question about our service.

How can I benefit from your service?

Basically, you can get all your writing problems solved at once and improve your grades as well as overall academic performance. With us you’ll have more time to rest and do what you really want to, rather than write endless papers.

Is it safe to use the service?

We’re not only safe, but also confidential. No one will ever know unless, of course, you tell them. In addition, our company prefers to use the most secure and reliable online banking providers to keep you financial information safe. Throughout the years we haven’t had a single case of identity theft and we’re determined to keep it this way.

How fast do you write?

We’re professionals, so what may take you a week will only take us a couple of days to write. You can still rely on our service even when the deadline is extremely close. The writers will take urgent orders if they know they can do it.

Are you cheaper than the others?

Not at all, there are low-cost services, but their quality and reliability is quite questionable. Professionals require generous compensation for their work, so we can’t be the cheapest service around, but we try to be as affordable as possible. Remember this you get what you pay for, so think twice before looking for a cheap writing service.

I can write my own paper, how can you assist?

First of all, you can consult our specialists on any subject you’d need. Secondly, our experts can provide you with rare materials and laboratory research results needed in your work. They can also format, edit and otherwise hone your paper to perfection.

What subjects can you write on?

Our team of qualified writers is capable of producing any paper, on any subject and topic. There have been times when someone would joke and order a paper on irrelevant topics, like “The differential characteristics of X-Men”. Well, the works were paid for and we successfully completed them to get positive feedback from astonished pranksters.

How do you check for plagiarism?

Our Quality Assurance Department utilizes high-end software to prevent any kind of copyright violation. We know it’s a serious crime in the academic writing world, that’s why we maintain constant vigil to see if all the references are properly done and no plagiarism is present in the paper.

Who are your writers?

They’re all professionals, holding scientific degrees. Our service attracts them with generous compensation for what they consider an easy job. All the writers are MA or PhD specialists and before they can enter our team, they undergo a series of complex tests to prove their skills and working capabilities. They’re only the best of the best.

What if I don’t like the paper?

It’s quite a rare occurrence, but if it happens, we won’t sit still. The author is obliged to revise and improve the paper until you’re content with the result. He has a maximum of two weeks to do that, so he will have to hurry. Anyway, we’re not going to let you down that’s for sure.

Do you make refunds?

This is even rarer, but yes we do. If you’ve accidentally placed an order and don’t need it anymore you’ll get your refund for sure. If the writer has done some part of the work, you won’t get the full sum of course, but partial refund is in order. In case the work is done according to the instructions and you want a refund, well as you can understand any kind of refund is impossible.